A lot of strangers will ask you about your pregnancy. I got this a lot at work. These are all questions I was asked and how I wish I could have responded without getting fired.

“Are you married?”
– “No. It isn’t legal here yet.”
– “It was a one night stand on a cruise in my cabin. I didn’t even get his name.”

“Are you pregnant?”
– “I was. Lost the baby yesterday.”
– “Yes! Unfortunately it’s twins. I hope they hash it out like sharks. Rawr.”

“You’re carrying low. It must be a boy.”
– “Dammit! We wanted it to be a surprise!”
– “Well then I guess he’s going to hate his name. (Talking to belly) Isn’t that right Penelope?”

“When are you due?”
– “Huh? Oh! What do I do? I’m currently unemployed.”

“Can I touch your belly?”
– “If you want… I had a really big lunch and you can feel it digesting.”
– “Can I touch yours?”

“Is your husband excited.”
– “No. His favorite things are sleep and sex. So his life’s about to suck.”

“Was it planned.”
– “No, but my abortion is.”

What are some crazy thing people asked you and did you handle it? Comment below.

What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman
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One thought on “What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

  • May 7, 2015 at 1:50 am

    My favorite is after people found out it was twins. “Are they natural?” To which I’d always respond “Well they aren’t synthetic!”
    I just found it rude for them to assume that if I had infertility issues I would just share that with complete strangers.

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