These are just some funny little tidbits I get from my every day of motherhood. I will be updating them as I go.

Mom Tip #1:
Now that my son has started refusing to sleep, teething isn’t helping the situation, I don’t cover his car seat when it’s bright. It causes him to squint and reluctantly close his eyes and sleep.
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Mommy Tip #2
Sometimes the only way to get your baby to take a pacifier (in order to help them sleep) is to pretend to take it away.
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Mommy Tip #3
When they can’t sleep because they are distracted by too much, “parakeet” them.
Just make sure to peek under and check to see the blanket is not over their nose.
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Mommy Tip #4
Id your baby crying, crying, crying and you have tried everything? If you cannot get your baby to calm down, try going outside. The sights, smells and noises calm my 3 month old down in an instant. I even put his Bumbo on the porch so I can have free hands while we chill together.

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