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About Me:
Hello, my name is Stephanie.

I am a wife (2006), UF Theatre Major with a Dance Minor (2013) and a mom (Dec. 2014). This blog is a reflection of my practical nature. I want to showcase what it is to be human.

What Inspired This Blog:
Throughout my pregnancy, and now into the aftermath of the birth of my first child, I was shocked at how much women didn’t share. How much of a front women put up to appear strong and stable. I blame this on women being afraid of being judged, afraid of feeling inadequate and afraid of being different.  I am not that woman. I am recognized amongst my friends as the “honest one.” I am not afraid of saying the unsayable. I am hoping to lead a movement of honesty where we admit to the taboo and cheer at our shortcomings, because dammit, at least we tried and that’s more than a lot of people can say.

What This Blog Is About:
This is purely an opinion blog and my experiences are going to differ greatly from others. That is why I invite all women to open up with their experiences. This a place for cheering on differences, exposing the taboo, sharing stories and not being afraid to laugh at ourselves.

Thank you for visiting.