LuLaRoe – An Unbiased View of Company, Clothes and an Independent Fashion Consultant

{Summary: Biggest skeptic turned addict.} The first time I heard about LuLaRoe, I rolled my eyes. Not metaphorically. I am a physically dramatic person. I literally rolled my eyes. I don’t remember much about the situation but the facts are

My Fitness Journey

I love fitness. I started my fitness journey about 9 years ago. I had always been an active child and my mom was always very fit, even after her three pregnancies. I don’t remember what really kicked my butt into

Brave and Beautiful Woman Nursing in a Restaurant in NYC Winter of 2006

Dear Brave and Beautiful Woman Nursing in a Restaurant in NYC Winter of 2006: I vividly remember you. What I remember more is my ignorant and naive expression I made at you. We never met or said hi. I can’t

The Competitive Nature of Raising a Child

  Everyone wants their child to be impressive. Everyone wants to brag to their friends and family about how advanced their child is. As a first time mother, until recently, I wanted my child to be the first and best

The Bare Essentials

  So you have a needy little human coming and you are completely lost in what to get and the baby registry has your eyes crossing. You are a minimalist but the quickly approaching due date makes you think you will

I Don’t Want to Be a Mom Today

Every day I wake up gung-ho about having a positive day. That’s great and all, but it never guarantees a stress-free day. By “stress-free” I mean a manageable day that doesn’t result in me wanting to just go to bed and

DIY Chalkboard by Meagan

My friend, Meagan Green, has been leading an exceptionally crafty lifestyle as of recent! Here is one of her latest projects and it doesn’t require ANY expensive tools! Cute and affordable? Yes, please! Here is her DIY Chalkboard Post: Alright

Labor isn’t the Worst

So you are pregnant and completely frightened for the dreaded experience of (dun dun dun) labor. Some women compare how long they went through labor. “I labored for 72 hours.” “Well, I labored for 73.” We get it. It sucked.

What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

A lot of strangers will ask you about your pregnancy. I got this a lot at work. These are all questions I was asked and how I wish I could have responded without getting fired. “Are you married?” – “No.