My friend, Meagan Green, has been leading an exceptionally crafty lifestyle as of recent! Here is one of her latest projects and it doesn’t require ANY expensive tools! Cute and affordable? Yes, please!

Here is her DIY Chalkboard Post:

Alright so my mother in law and I are making a headboard for her house which lead us to buy some compressed hardwood board… we only needed a small amount so after a moment of contemplation and several Pinterest ideas floating through my head, I realized we had enough wood left to make not only one but two chalkboards. Hardwood for those of you who don’t know is a board with a smooth-textured surface that will accept paint, basically composed of super compressed wood with an ultra smooth surface. Perfect for a chalkboard! 

So since we were at home depot and my husband doesn’t allow me to use power tools without adult supervision, we had the wood cutting associate cut us two pieces out of our rather large scrap from the headboard. Mine measured 30″×45″. Typically the board costs $10.80 ish so you could always get a mommy friend to go in with you and save a few bucks. Or make two for your home!!! 

Now being a crafter, I had chalkboard paint hanging out in our barn that I used prior to this on another project but most places (Walmart is the cheapest) has some. You don’t need much honestly. A small 3 oz. bottle is plenty or the smallest you can find. You will also need a small foam roller for the application (you are looking for super smooth finish so a FOAM roller is necessary) this cost $3.80 ish at Walmart as well. 

Painting is (I’m sure) simple and self explanatory. Mine took 3 coats with the roller. Now chalkboard paint dries quickly,  mine was completely set in 30 minutes after each coat. 

Then I made a trip back to home depot to pick out crown molding. I am a freak about trimming everything in white. Now my mother in law I believe will be doing hers in a simple wood frame but I went for crown molding and rosette squares. The squares were $1.59 each (4 total) and the crown molding was $1.15/ft. Now the nice thing about home depot is they cut everything for you. Lowes has given me issues with cuts in the past so I drive the extra distance to Home Depot. This Home Depot happened to have a self cutting area with the crown molding so we used them and cut two the same length as the top, 30 in. and two the same as the sides 45 in. thus allowing it to frame the chalkboard and become flush with the rosette squares in each corner. 

I also picked up some finishing nails and headed home. From there it was simple. I made sure the board was level.. nailed in the finishing nails and crown molding and finished with the rosette squares. And tada…  a large chalkboard for tons of fun (and milestone announcement photos for Mommy). Mommy can’t wait to take pregnancy photos with this chalkboard!!!

All for less than a $50. 

Hope you enjoyed! Happy crafting!

-Meagan Green
Owner, M and M Bangles, Outbacker, and proud Mommy

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DIY Chalkboard by Meagan
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