Explaining Makeup to My Son

I recently started going back to work. Just two hours here and there. My fabulous job has a kid’s center where I can drop off my son for up to two hours a day. This is perfect for when I am

The Smell of Motherhood

Before I had my baby, I expected my house to smell of poopy diapers. Turns out that my baby’s poop didn’t even smell until he was about one month old. That, I didn’t expect. What I also did not expect

Birth Mantras

When I gave birth my AMAZING doula repeated multiple birth mantras to me. Some I came up with and others she came up with. These helped me focus on what I was there to do and channel my energy into

The Dreaded Baby Registry for First Time Mothers

Quick Summary: What do you need for a baby? Nothing really. Except the safety items like a car seat. I tried to think of it like this – cavemen made babies and what did they need? But that doesn’t mean

The Worst Advice You Will Ever Get

While being pregnant there was only one response that irked me when I asked for advice from friends and family. Now, before I get into it I want to mention that I am aware they had the best intentions and that,

Did I Just Toast His Testes?

Today I felt like an awful mother. This has happened a few times, but I was terrified I toasted my son’s testes. He was recently diagnosed with Cradle Cap (common and looks bad but doesn’t bother him at all) and

Know Before You Sow

Before you and your partner start trying for that cute little parasite, here are some things I wish I knew:  A pregnancy is 40 weeks (9 months is inaccurate-ish) You may skip your period during this time, but Aunt Flow