When I gave birth my AMAZING doula repeated multiple birth mantras to me. Some I came up with and others she came up with. These helped me focus on what I was there to do and channel my energy into getting through the pain rather than focusing on the pain itself.

  • Women choose to do this more than once
  • I am a mammal, I was designed to do this
  • Every push bring me closer to (insert the food/drink you can’t wait to be able to eat again – mine was a bleu cheese stuffed olive dirty martini)
  • My vagina will open like a blossoming flower
  • In a short time I will meet my baby
  • I relinquish control to my body
  • My baby knows how to be born
  • This is not a bad pain (not suffering)
  • This too shall pass
  • Think Moses and the Red Sea
  • Whatever happens I can rise to the occasion
  • It’s ok to be “the weirdest” (for when you are afraid of being judged by those around you)
  • If cavewomen can do it, so can I

Do you have a birth mantra you really like? Please, share bellow.

Birth Mantras
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