Received my coupons today from BzzAgent, so I stopped by Publix to pick up my two free Suja Essentials Smoothies! I found mine in the produce section alongside Naked and other such products. Publix only had four out of the six flavors shown. I am currently sipping Mango Magic.
Before I even opened the bottle I was super impressed. I expected to read the nutritional facts to find that the claims all over the label were bogus and it is just another “healthy” product marketed towards people who don’t do their research. NOT TRUE! The nutritional label is extremely impressive. My 12 fl. oz. bottle is a total of 190 calories.
It lists its ingredients as such:
Organic Apple Juice, Organic Mango Puree, Organic Orange Juice, Organic Pineapple Juice, Organic Banana Puree and Organic Ginger. That’s it. No fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors.
When I tried the drink I was afraid the apple juice or ginger would be overpowering, as it is in most health drinks, because it was titled Mango Magic after all and I wanted the mango taste. I was happy I was wrong. The mango stands out but you can taste all the other ingredients pretty equally.
I would absolutely purchase these again, but I like a deal. They are $3.99 and currently on sale at Publix listed at 2 for $6. I might buy a few for $3 but I am after all cheap and still find the $3.99 fairly expensive for 12 fl. oz. Now if Publix had a BOGO sale? I would stock up. They do expire after 5 days once opened and the expiration date on my bottle is listed for 8 days from now.

Have you tried Suja Essentials Smoothies? What did you think? Comment below. 


Suja Essentials
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