Adventures in Cloth Diapering

I am lucky. I was not the first of my friends to have a baby, so I had all their advice to build on with my own little one. One of my mommy friends used cloth diapers and they sounded like

Explaining Makeup to My Son

I recently started going back to work. Just two hours here and there. My fabulous job has a kid’s center where I can drop off my son for up to two hours a day. This is perfect for when I am

The Smell of Motherhood

Before I had my baby, I expected my house to smell of poopy diapers. Turns out that my baby’s poop didn’t even smell until he was about one month old. That, I didn’t expect. What I also did not expect

Know Before You Sow

Before you and your partner start trying for that cute little parasite, here are some things I wish I knew:  A pregnancy is 40 weeks (9 months is inaccurate-ish) You may skip your period during this time, but Aunt Flow

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